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1 min read

Website Hosting

Sep 17, 2018 4:29:00 PM

Website hosting security is now more important than ever. With more businesses turning digital comes the need for a clampdown on data protection. Let’s take a look at the recent ABS Census debacle, where poor security measures and inadequate hosting meant that the site crashed during its most critical period. The national dilemma illustrated the need for superior web hosting providers in an age where hacking is abundant and websites need to cater for a plethora of digitally-dexterous users at once. Whether you choose to outsource to an agency to build your site or opt to create it yourself, it’s imperative that you select a reliable web hosting provider in order to ensure 100% uptime and tight security of your data. To employ a simple analogy, if you consider your website to be your shop’s physical goods, then your web hosting provider is your brick-and-mortar building – naturally, you want something that is large enough to cater for as many customers as possible while maintaining iron-clad security to prevent theft of your shop’s goods.

By employing the necessary expertise to keep on top of these trends, you can watch your business not only stay ahead of the game, but simply skyrocket to success.

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