ICT Review

ICT Review

  • Are you sure your organisation’s ICT is at its best?
  • Is your technology aligned with your organisation’s current and future demands?
  • Are you confident your IT budget is efficient and effective enough to remain competitive in your market?
  • Are your IT users happy?

If you answer “No” to any of the above, or are unsure, then your organisation will benefit from RTG performing an independent review of your ICT.

Our review process only takes 14-21 days from start to finish and will not disrupt your workflow. We start with an onsite evaluation, interviews with key stakeholders and user groups and also review your IT documentation. The process will cover the following:

  • Review the high level ICT infrastructure, how it is used, maintained and if it’s fit for purpose
  • Provide a heat map so you can quickly see issues requiring immediate and longer term attention
  • Review ICT staff levels and IT staff competency vs industry standards
  • Review how your current IT strategy relates to the organisation’s objectives
  • Provide appropriate recommendations to support the longer term planning
  • Analyse the difference in perceptions between the users versus those who deliver and oversee ICT

At the conclusion you receive a confidential report tailored to your audience. We can also present the findings to your board, executive team, committees or leadership team. The cost for a review depends on the size of your organisation, the number of sites and the complexity of your IT. Please contact RTG for more information. We are here to help you.