Digital Privacy, Safety & Security

Digital Privacy, Safety & Security

Maximising Connectivity | Minimising Risk 

 "Privacy risks must be weighed against non-privacy rewards. And while numerous mechanisms exist to assess privacy risks, we still lack a formula to work out the balance."  (Tene & Polonetsky, 2013. p244)

With the landscape of data privacy and digital safety becoming more expansive and complex each year, it is critical that we maintain awareness about the growing complexity of cyber security in the K-12 education space, providing transparency towards a healthy digital environment for staff, students and all school community members.

To minimise digital risks, RTG work with schools to extend standard practice and implement proactive security measures and policies compliant with privacy regulation, plus appropriate management plans when responding to both minor and major digital incidents.

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RTG's suite of Digital Privacy, Safety & Security solutions can assist your school by:

  • establishing benchmarks in current structures and practices for digital safety.
  • completing a gap analysis into digital policies, structures and systems.
  • expanding areas of focus and duty of care encompassing the protection of personally identifiable information (PII), network security, and data shared with third parties.
  • designing and implementing best practice of risk minimisation initiatives.
  • increasing shared understanding amongst stakeholders about roles and responsibilities towards digital and data privacy.

 The benefits of cyber risk management can only be hassle-free if schools effectively manage the diversity of technology and protect their data from being compromised.

At RTG, our Digital Privacy, Safety & Security solutions aim to minimise vulnerability of your school's digital ecosystem and data. We work relentlessly to keep it that way, and have assisted many schools in formulating strategies and implementation plans for digital protection and risk management.