BYOD Strategy and Solutions

BYOD Strategy and Solutions

With the constant evolution of devices, it can be a real headache for organisations to provide their students or employees with the tech that is able to keep them productive.

Many organisations have introduced or are moving to BYOD ‘bring your own device’. Why BYOD/BYOT?

  • It is an innovative way to stay on top of the latest gadgets.
  • The premise of the devices capabilities is the users and not the organisations.
  • Costs to the organisation are significantly reduced.
  • Employees or students are happy using devices they’re comfortable with to perform work-related tasks.
  • BYOD/BYOT is a win-win solution.

The benefits of BYOD/BYOT can only be hassle-free if businesses effectively manage the diversity of devices and protect their data from being compromised.

At RTG, we have BYOD strategies and BYOD solutions to ensure your infrastructure and data will not be compromised, and we work relentlessly to keep it that way.  RTG has worked with many businesses and schools in formulating strategies and implementation plans for BYOD. These strategies have enabled limited resources to be redirected to other pressing needs.